The top reasons behind the sudden market sell-off

One could write pages on this topic, but here is a short summary of what most likely happened. All points in my summary are related and contributed to the sell-off we’ve seen the last days. Large hold...

Three simple rules to help diminish losses and stay in the game

How good are you at minimizing your losses? If you’re like most traders, probably not as good as you’d like. There is evidence to suggest the “95% of all traders lose” statement frequently made around...

How Predibit clients made 407% on the back of a single regulatory event

On July 27, 2018 news that the SEC had rejected the Winklevoss twins bitcoin ETF broke out making it a relatively safe opportunity to place a short with Bitmex. The following days bitcoin dropped 30%....

The simple strategy that took me from loser to winner fast

The first time I started trading Bitcoin I thought there was something wrong with me. It was that bad. But what if there was a proven strategy you could follow to grow your Bitcoin stack? 100% profits...


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